Warm from the oven - Cinnamon Bread

We woke up to a bit of a snowstorm this morning. Both boys were home from school due to the weather and my Husband opted to work from home today. I braved the slippery roads and went into work for part of the day. Once I got home, I was anxious to do a bit of baking so I started searching for recipes. I ended up at http://www.allrecipes.com/ and started searching through recipes for Cinnamon Bread. As you can imagine, there were tons of recipes for quick breads of all different variations.

What I ended up doing was altering a recipe that got rave reviews. Now, why would I alter a recipe that got such great reviews? Well, after reading the reviews, I took some of the advice. I lightened the bread by substituting the oil with applesauce. The next thing I did was put a teaspoon of vanilla in because we love that flavor, and really what quickbread doesn't have a bit of vanilla added in?

Well the results were really wonderful! My Oldest came into the kitchen to tell me he could smell the bread baking all the way in the living room. He followed his nose in so he could have the first taste. He gave it a huge thumbs up (I can always count on him for my taste-testing when it comes to breads and cookies). I think I'll be making another loaf this weekend so that I can put one in the freezer just to have on hand for breakfasts. I can see this as being a bread that would be really nice toasted up with just a bit of butter on it. Yummy!

Cin Bread

ps... Happy Birthday to my dear friend, M! :)


That sounds so good. I am going to make it this afternoon! I love my house to smell like food!
Patsyk said…
I know what you mean! I love the smell of bread baking or a soup cooking when I walk into the kitchen!
Maddy said…
I agree that the allrecipes.com recipe comments are really helpful, and make a good recipe turn into a great recipe. This bread looks incredible! Can't wait to try it- the smell of cinnamon and sugar is unbeatable. Yum!

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