Rachel Ray - Honey Nut Chicken Sticks

Well, now that I have spent some time actually cooking from one of my Rachael Ray cookbooks, I can appreciate what she has to offer even more. Tonight, I made her Honey Nut Chicken Sticks from the 365: No Repeats cookbook. This was ridiculously easy and will make future appearances on our dinner table. The seasonings gave a hint of kick, but it was not so overpowering that you wouldn't want to serve it to kids. My oldest had 3 or 4 servings of the chicken which is an obvious sign that he liked it. I like that these are not fried and they are not the "usual" chicken nuggets that we get from the store to reheat. I can feel good about serving these since I know everything that went into them.

Rachael recommends serving with a green salad, and I took her advice for my dinner. I cut up one of the chicken sticks and put it on top of my salad. I would say anyone with kids, this is a great recipe to add to the menu rotation. A big thumb's up from our family!

Once again, I have something to submit to Everything Rachael Ray for her weekly round-up of all things Rachael Ray on Friday. Be sure to head on over there and check out what she's up to this week!



Megan said…
I thought I commented here before but I'm back. I came back for the recipe. I'm off to the store.

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