Penne Arrabiatta

penne arrabiata

Mmmmmm... that looks good, doesn't it? My Husband gave me the night off from cooking and made his Penne Arrabiatta! It's a quick and easy dish that he can throw together in under 30 minutes (he says it takes 10). He's been making it FOREVER and just puts it together off the top of his head. I read that arrabiatta means "angry" which accurately describes the fast pace of the preparation AND the spice of the sauce.
If you've ever been to an Italian restaurant and had an arrabiatta sauce and craved having it at home, this is the one to try. He uses about 1 teaspoon of crushed red pepper and it add just the right amount of spice - not too spicy. Be sure to have some nice crusty Italian bread to soak up the sauce... you won't want to miss one delicious bite!


Nina Timm said…
My first time to your blog, I just love the heading of your site.

This paste recipe is always a hit with my fam


Anonymous said…
This is just my kind of recipe! Thanks for sharing it.
Patsyk said…
Welcome to my blog! I'm always happy to see new visitors chime in with comments!

This recipe has been a favorite of ours for such a long time... and the best part is it can be made so quickly!
Anonymous said…
As long as it doesn't mean your HUSBAND is angry at you when he's cooking it ;-). Thanks for the recipe, this is one of my favorite dishes! And great to see you on Swirling Notions . . . thanks for coming by!

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