Cooking Light - Chicken & Asparagus in White Wine Sauce

First things first... GOOOO GIANTS! What an end to the game! I am so happy they won... and honestly, even though I have lived in NJ for over 11 years now... I am not a big fan of the NY teams that play here in NJ. But, I just had to root for them this time! My heart still belongs to the KC Chiefs, and my awesome friends back there keep me up-to-date on the wins (and losses) throughout the season since I don't get to see many of the games here on TV.

The weekend was busy, but not so much on the cooking front... which is why I haven't posted in the last few days. Now it's a new week and we are back to planning our meals and cooking up as much healthy food as I can possibly get my family to eat.

Tonight, we revisited a Cooking Light recipe that I made a couple months back, Chicken & Asparagus in White Wine Sauce. When I initially received the October 2007 issue, I must have missed this one since my friend told me about it after her hubby made it for her and I didn't even have it marked to try! Anyway, I gave it a try and it's a really nice way to prepare chicken breasts. I have subbed green beans for the asparagus on occasion and it's turned out equally well. Tonight, I didn't have time to pound the chicken thin as it says to, and that was the only real complaint from my Husband on it. The flavor is nice and light and I would recommend putting the asparagus and sauce on your serving plate, THEN place the chicken on top. That will allow the chicken to keep some of its crispiness. The sauce can then be drizzled over the chicken according to each person's preference. For those doing Weight Watchers, the points calculate to 6 on this one, and you really only need a nice tossed salad to complete the meal!



Anonymous said…
That sounds delicious!
And yes - that was quite the game, wasn't it? :)

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