Chicken Salad Wrap

Who doesn't have a favorite chicken salad recipe, or more accurately one that they throw together and it tastes just fine? Well, as you may have already figured out, I am always in search of the "right" version of some old favorites. My chicken salad has always been good, but I wanted to change things up a bit and see if it could be better. On Sunday, I roasted a chicken with the idea that I'd use it up in a few different ways, one being a nice new chicken salad recipe.

I absolutely love the chicken salad they serve at Panera Bread, there's something about the combination of ingredients that makes it hard to not finish every last bite. I was skimming through How to Cook Without a Book and came across the Classic Chicken Salad recipe. I wasn't sure how the lemon juice would affect the taste, and I was pleasantly surprised that it added only the slightest bit of tang. I skipped the minced celery since I am not a big fan of celery anyway. After letting it refrigerate overnight, I put it together as a wrap and had it for lunch today. Overall, I was really pleased with the flavors and how they melded together overnight. It's a chicken salad, but better than just mixing in some mayo, mustard and maybe some onion.

One really cool thing about this cookbook is that each recipe starts as a basic version, then several other options are given such as a Thai Chicken Salad or Chicken Salad with Hoisin Dressing to name a couple for this recipe. You can jazz it up for a different flavor profile with just a few simple changes depending on your mood. I love how this cookbook really strives to teach you how to cook intuitively rather than always following a recipe.

Chicken Salad Wrap

Quick Chicken Salad

Source: How to Cook Without a Book, Pam Anderson
  • 4 cups cooked / roasted chicken
  • 2 medium celery ribs, cut into small dice (I left this out)
  • 2 medium scallions, minced
  • 2 tablespoons minced fresh parsely, basil or tarragon
  • 3/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  1. Mix the mayonnaise and lemon juice in a small bowl.
  2. Mix the chicken, celery, and scallions along with minced fresh parsley, dressing, salt and pepper to taste. Serve.
  3. Can be covered and refrigerated overnight. 


How funny...I was thinking about Chicken salad today. When I lived in San Antonio, one of the stores there made a cashew chicken salad that was to die for. I was thinking how to recreate it because I was hungry for it. You sandwhich looks YUM. I love wraps!! I also saw your post on the cinnamon bread....have you ever bought the Baker's Cinnamon filling from King Arthur Flour?? If not, you HAVE TO try it. Your family will go wacko for it. and put in cinnamon filling. Trust me on is truly incredible.
Patsyk said…
Cinnamon filling? Now that's something I will have to go take a look at! Thanks for the link!
It makes this wonderful thick gloopy gloppy filling like you would find in a bakery cinnamon roll. I can hardly keep from eating a whole loaf of bread or pan of rolls when I make it.
test it comm said…
I don;t think I have ever had a chicken salad. This wrap looks pretty tasty. I will have to try a chicken salad. Bookmarked
I am going to try this recipe this weekend w/the roasted chicken and I am going to use the celery but add unsalted roasted cashews. It will be nice to have in the fridge to munch on all weekend. Just can't decide if I have the energy to roast off my own chicken or just buy one...those roasted chickens in the stores are soooo tasty and a good value.
Patsyk said…
Kevin - do give the wrap a try if you've never had chicken salad before, this is a good version to start with.

Obsessive Foodie - You sure could use one of those yummy roasted chickens you buy at the store. I roasted my own because I want to make stock to keep in the freezer from the bones, etc. I had a bit of the chicken salad in a whole wheat pita today, and I must say it's still YUMMY! Just another way to munch on it.
Thistlemoon said…
That Thai Chicken Salad sounds really good. Your photo is mouth watering! YUM!

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