Ahhh Memories - No Bake Cookies

I wanted to make cookies today, but I wanted something simple since I was roasting a chicken (for use in a couple of other recipes later in the week). As I searched around, I came upon No Bake Cookies on the Food Network website. Of course, as soon as I found this recipe I was taken back to my middle school Home Economics class. That was one of the first recipes we learned and they were so good. I think one of the reasons that our teacher had this on our list of "first recipes" was because you really can't mess them up. I am sure you can change the ingredients to suit your tastes without any ill effects.

This is one of those recipes that you will most likely have all the ingredients right in your pantry all the time. It goes together so quickly and within 20 minutes you have some chewy, chocolatey cookies. If they last more than a couple of days, you are lucky!



Hey, followed your blog through another. Good read, thanks for sharing. I have a fairly typical no bake recipe but the quality of ingredients ahve been switched up a bit. My husband's favorite cookie is the no bake and I think this recipe ups the ante a bit w/the quality cocoa pwder and use of mexican vanilla and old fashioned oats and espresso pwder. I made these again last night.
oooops, might help if I give you the actual link hahahaha


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