An afternoon of baking

After a very busy Saturday with a school event in the morning, and then our oldest having his 6th birthday party in the afternoon, Sunday was a catch-up day for us. I made my weekly trip to my favorite farmer's market and stocked up on fresh fruit and vegetables for the week. I just love this place because everything is so much fresher than what I can get at my local grocery store. And, a huge bonus is that everything is so reasonably priced - I can get a full basket of wonderful fresh produce for between $20-$30 easily.

I had picked up a package of dried raspberries made by a company called Just Tomatoes ( I loved the idea that they were simply dried fruit with no sugar added... unfortunately the idea of eating them out of hand wasn't going to work because they were a bit too sour for me to do that. So, I went to my favorite place to get ideas... the Cooking Light message board. After several suggestions, I decided to work on creating my own mini-loaf recipe. I loved the flavors... I decided on a Lemon Raspberry combination and it smelled heavenly while it baked. I need to adjust a couple of things before I put the recipe out for all to see. I want to perfect it just a bit more. I must say, for my first attempt, it turned out really pretty good.

I recently discovered another blog that is wonderful for anyone looking for healthy recipes, Enlightened Cooking. I came across a savory muffin recipe she made that sounded like something I'd enjoy either as a late day snack or serving along side a roast chicken or turkey dinner. It would be a wonderful change from the usual rolls. The Savory Scallion with Goat Cheese and Thyme Muffins have a wonderful surprise of melted goat cheese in the middle of each muffin. They have a really great texture, but as she mentions in her post it's extremely important with muffins and quick breads not to overmix. Otherwise you will end up with a hockey puck instead of a light muffin. I will be making these again as they were so simple and really a nice change of pace from the sweet muffins I usually make.



Your muffin looks amazing and I can't wait to try it. I have some goat milk that I want to make in to cheese and the savory muffin would be a great recipe to use it in!!!
Patsyk said…
Judy - thanks for stopping by! Do give this a try, and Camilla at Enlightened Cooking has some other fantastic recipes like this one.

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