January 2, 2008

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't...

And, tonight was an example of a new recipe not quite "working". I made Porcini Mushroom Risotto that I found on the Epicurious website. The reviews were positive at Epicurious, so I thought I'd go for it. This was another Pressure Cooker recipe, and I was anxious to give it a try since at least 3 out of 4 of us like mushrooms (we are still working on the youngest member of the family).

Well, it took longer to cook than the recipe called for, which is never a good thing when you are using the Pressure Cooker to make dinner hit the table faster. My Husband said that it needed "something" or was probably just a bit "off" in flavor. While we both enjoy mushrooms, perhaps Porcini mushrooms are not something we care for... they are a bit "earthier" than the meaty Portobello mushrooms that I adore. Maybe a different mushroom risotto recipe will appear using a different type of mushroom and we'll give it another go, but for now I think we'll skip it. Oh well, chalk this up to one that just didn't hit the mark. No big deal, we'll try something different tomorrow!

Now, I am off to make a good old egg salad for my oldest to take in his lunch tomorrow. Nothing special to it, but it is one of his favorites. One thing I do think makes it a bit tastier is adding some sprinkles of dried dill to it, which seems to perk up the flavor a bit.


Anonymous said...

I used the Mushroom Risotto recipe in Rick Rodgers & Arlene Ward's cookbook (Pressure Cooking for Everyone) and it turned out great! I added only 1/4 cup of gorgonzola at the end with the parmesan and that made a big difference in taste (yet not completely detectable as "gorgonzola"). I'd recommend trying that. The Farmers' Market on Rt 46 carries 10g of porcini's for $2.99 each. I picked up 4 last week. Give it one more try!
Good luck!

Patsyk said...

Maybe I'll give it another shot with that recipe... I don't feel so confident in the PC recipes on Epicurious so far.

Anonymous said...

With my husband sick and my kids eating SpaghettiO's tonight, I made myself a 1/2 batch of Porcini Risotto. I used beef broth instead of chicken, because that's what was open in the frig. It turned out a little dark and much "meater". I think your husband might like it that way better. I think I even liked it a bit better!

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