Some Days, Simple is Best

This week has been a bit hectic... getting home a bit later from work and picking up the boys... a PTA meeting... trying to plan meals for the next week, and in general, every day life. So, I apologize for the lack of new post last night.

Well, the night of the PTA meeting, I wanted something quick and easy to prepare... and healthy as well. So, after rummaging through my spices, I decided to sprinkle some Herbs de Provence over 2 chicken breasts. Cooked them up in a tablespoon of oil. While that was cooking, I washed some baby spinach, and threw together my favorite salad fixin's... almonds, Craisins, crumbled cheese, and croutons. I sliced up the chicken into thin slices.

Years ago, we bought a salad dressing bottle that had Healthy Salad dressings on the outside... so, I made up the French Vinaigrette. I'll post that recipe later, but it basically had EVOO, red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, and some dried herbs. It was tastey, but I think I might increase the Dijon mustard next time around. I like the flavor and thought it could use a touch more.

Saturday night we are hosting our Supper Club at our house, so make sure to come on back to see the results of "One Night in Morocco"!


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