June 7, 2016

Podcast Commute #2

Another week of commuting and I've got a few new podcast episodes that are worth sharing. I'm enjoying learning about new podcasts to check out as people recommend them to me. Please feel fre to share your favorites in the comments.

This week, I checked out some more entertaining podcasts to add some variety to what I listened to, and enjoyed a few new one's that I have now subscribed to so that I can keep up with the latest.

First up was a fun podcast called Dinner Party Download. This one is reminiscent of the radio shows of the past (at least what I envision what they were) with various segments all centered around the idea of sharing ways to throw a great dinner party. Starting with an ice breaker, then leading into a bit of small talk that will get conversations going and continuing on to a bit of history with a cocktail to go along with that tidbit. There are guests who share their dinner party play lists and why they would choose the music and the interaction between the hosts is very entertaining!

The next one I'm going to share, I've listened to more than once already. Yes, it hit a chord with me.  This was a Ted Talk that was by Shonda Rhimes, she called it "My year of saying yes to everything".  We all know Shonda Rhimes from her television shows, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. The whole idea behind her talk is that she made a decision to say "yes" to everything for one year. That included things that made her uncomfortable. The way she talks about her experience and the way it changed so much for her in all parts of her life. I linked to the video, so take a little time and listen... for someone who says at the beginning that public speaking was something that made her uncomfortable, she really captured my attention!

The last one I'm sharing this week is part of NPR, This American Life. I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy the podcasts from NPR as they don't have a specific theme. Each one is it's own story and it's own theme.  I listed to Episode 587, The Perils of Intimacy. The story begins as the host talks about identity theft that has happened to this woman and her story of dealing with it. While that may not sound all that interesting, there are twists to the story that had me wondering how it was going to end. It was then followed by a segment where they discuss the difficulties of making friends as adults. I found this part interesting as it focused on how hard it can be for men to make friends with other men. There was humor and some truth to how hard it can be to make those connections as adults, especially when you have moved to someplace new and don't know anyone. I'm looking forward to hearing more from this podcast.

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