January 3, 2014

{Review} Mike Anderson's BBQ in Dallas, TX

Good old BBQ is the order of the day when you visit Dallas and Mike Anderson's did not disappoint!


When we visited Dallas back in November, one of the things on our list was to enjoy some Texas BBQ.  My Husband's Uncle recommended that we visit Mike Anderson's BBQ if we really wanted a taste of good Texas BBQ.

Upon arriving at about 11:30 a.m., we were greeted with a line outside the restaurant leading to the door in the photo shown above.  Seems this place is very popular with the folks who work close by and those of us visiting the area.  Fortunately, the line moves rather quickly, and once you get close to the door you can "peek" through the door to see if you can enter... seems that if you hold the door open, it annoys the owner because it lets out the air conditioning or the bugs get in... either way, if you have to wait outside, hope for a nice day!

Once we were inside, we had Our Boys grab a table since you wait in line and give your order to the friendly folks behind the counter and they serve it up as you go through the line.  One word of caution... know what you want before it's your turn.  They like to keep the line moving, they won't get annoyed with you do try to hurry you along.

We decided it would be best to sample a few different items so we opted for a "dinner plate" which gave us 2 meats and a side dish... we chose the beef ribs and the Polish sausage along with the seasoned fried taters.


You can also choose your own BBQ sauce to dip into on the side.  The sauce we chose had a sweet heat to it, which I enjoyed.  The closest I've found to that combination besides some of my Kansas City sauces - sorry, but I'll always be a KC BBQ girl!

The ribs were tasty, but we still prefer the smoked ribs we make at home.  The sausage was tasty and made even better when dipped in the BBQ sauce.

We also ordered the beef brisket sandwich plate, which included the same seasoned fries.  The beef was tender and the sauce was what took that sandwich to the next level.  I've been wanting to try smoking brisket for awhile now, and I think in 2014 that will be added to the list of things we need to try in our smoker.


This is a fun place to go with the family and very casual with rolls of paper towels on the tables so that you have plenty to wipe your hands as you dig into your meal.

They offer on-line ordering and a separate line is set-up for those just picking up their orders to go.  It's also possible to order their BBQ sauce shipped to your home - if you aren't local and can't head over and pick up a bottle easily.

Overall, we enjoyed our lunch there that day and would visit again next time we are in Dallas.

Mike Anderson's BBQ House
5410 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, TX  75235

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