November 20, 2013

New Features and Ziplist

I'm so excited to share a new feature that will make saving your favorite recipes from Famfriendsfood easier than ever!

I've partnered with Ziplist to offer a Recipebox and Shopping List option, which will seriously make your life so easy!  You may have seen this option on other blogs and I'm thrilled to be able to offer it here as well... you can save all of your favorites in one spot!

Once you have recipes saved, creating a shopping list based on those recipes you want to make for the coming week and adding other items you need to replenish in your kitchen is a snap!  They even have a handy app that you can load to your smartphone so you always have your list and saved recipes with you wherever you go!

So, you are probably wondering how do I use this new feature?

If you are already on one of my posts that has a recipe on it, you'll notice that there is a Save Recipe button near the recipe.

Once you click on the Save Recipe button, you'll be taken to a pop-up window that will confirm that the recipe has been added to your Recipe Box.

At that point, you can select the button to Go To Recipe Box to view all the recipes saved there, or close out and go on to the next post that you want to read.

There is also the option to go straight to your Recipe Box or Shopping List from my main menu:

If you select the Recipe Box, you will be taken direction to the Ziplist Recipe Box.

If you select the Shopping List option, you will be taken to the Ziplist Shopping List.

It's seriously that easy!  If you don't already have an account with Ziplist, head on over now... it won't cost you a penny and you'll have a great place to keep all of those recipes you keep meaning to make... but, forget that you meant to print them out so that you could add them to your menu plan!

Many of my older posts have the new feature added to them, I am still working on getting all of them updated... so, if there is one you want to save and it doesn't have the button already on it, let me know and I'll make sure to move it to the top of my list to get it updated!

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