April 28, 2013

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Werther's Sugar Free Candy

I've made it no secret around here that I have a major sweet tooth.  You may or may not have noticed that the number of sweet treats I've been sharing has declined the last month or two... well, the reason for that is that with diabetes in my family and my latest blood results, I've got to start watching what I eat and make some changes before my next appointment for blood work in the fall.

With that kind of thing looming and a penchant for everything sweet (among other things that I need to cut back on to ensure that I keep sugar levels where they really should be), I'd say I'm more motivated to look for alternatives to satisfy my need for a little something sweet.

When the opportunity arose to try Werther's Original Sugar Free Candy I was all over that.  They only have 8 calories per candy and only 3 grams of carbs.
Werther's sugar free candy
Not only do they have low calories and low carbs on their side, but they are satisfying sweet treats!

I received samples of the Original flavor, Caramel Coffee, Caramel Apple and Cinnamon Caramel.  There wasn't a bad flavor in the bunch!

Just like their original candies, Werther has brought a sugar free candy that has all the same characteristics of what we all loved about them in the first place.  Creamy, caramel flavor that fills that need for something sweet.

While I enjoyed the Original flavor a lot, I found that the Caramel Coffee and the Caramel Cinnamon had the most satisfying effect.  You know how sometimes you want something to make you feel like you've had a treat - these flavors really do the trick.

I like to savor the candies until every last bit of flavor is gone.  With other candy (that I need to avoid!), I never felt as satisfied and would go back again and again... and end up eating so much more than I should.  With these candies, one little bit goes a long way and is so low in calories and carbs that I don't need to feel guilty about enjoying one after dinner.

Werther's sugar free candyI plan to take my little candy dish to work with me so that I know I have something sweet at my desk and won't be as tempted by all the high calorie/high sugar candies everyone else has on their desks... I even imagine that mine might be the first one empty once everyone has a chance to taste these candies!

Be sure to check out the Werther's Original Sugar Free Candy Facebook page!

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