March 24, 2013

Thatcher McGhee's in Denville, NJ (Restaurant Review)

Every once in awhile we find a restaurant that is worth going back to a second time.  That second trip is not always within the same week, but this time... it was.

We happened upon Thatcher McGhee's on our way home from doing some shopping one night last week.  We figured we'd see what was happening in Denville since we hadn't been over that way for dinner in quite awhile.

It seems kind of nondescript on the outside for an Irish Pub, but don't let that disuade you from entering.  It's very quaint with interesting decorations.  The bar area is quite large and on our second visit, was really busy on a Friday night.

The dining rooms appear to be like rooms in a house.  Small-ish rooms with a homey feel to them.  The lighting is subdued, but well-lit enough that you can easily read the menu.

The menu is varied enough that anyone coming for a good meal should be able to leave satisfied.

2nd visit to Thatcher McGhee's - tried their sampler appy.We started with cheesy fries and their sampler for appetizers... and, they were devoured by everyone at the table.  The potato skins were well done and had bits of bacon mixed in with the melted cheese.

The Buffalo wings were spicy, but in a good way from what I heard from those who tried them (I'm not a fan of Buffalo wings, so I wasn't going there).

Traditional chicken strips and mozzarella sticks rounded out the sampler.

The cheesy fries were not only cheesy, but also had bacon bits mixed in them.

The kids menu had a few options, and My Youngest chose the mozzarella sticks and french fries.  It was a really good sized portion, which we weren't sure was going to be the case... so, Our Oldest ordered a burger off of the regular menu.  That burger was HUGE!  He has quite an appetite these days, so a little more than half was finished before he decided he was full.

The first trip, I ordered their Chicken Pot Pie - which happens to be topped with puff pastry... can you say total comfort food?
Some serious comfort food under that puff pastry!  Chicken pot pie at Thatcher McGhee's.

It was so creamy and perfect under all that puff pastry... I must say that the height of the pastry made it a bit difficult to dig into the creamy main dish, but it was well worth it.

I had described it so well to My Husband and My Mom-in-law that they both ordered it on our second trip.  They totally agreed that this was the kind of dish you'll be craving on a cold, rainy (or snowy) day to warm you from the inside out.

Very well done... just thinking about it now, I'm wishing I could have a taste of it again!

Fish and Chips at Thatcher McGhee's - lovin' this Irish pub!
Whenever I go to an Irish Pub, I tend to always go for the fish and chips.  I can't resist fish that is deep fried... and this is what I ordered on our second visit.

The fish was nice and crisp on the outside and perfectly flakey on the inside.  They serve it with a healthy amount of french fries and a few onion rings (which My Youngest grabbed as soon as he saw them).

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and the food at Thatcher McGhee's.  I'm sure we'll be back again.

A bonus is that they happen to be located across the street from an amazing local ice cream shop - Denville Dairy - which, was dessert, of course!

Thatcher McGhee's
53 Broadway
Denville, NJ  07834

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