December 6, 2012

Time To Read: Fragile by Lisa Unger

I took a bit of a break from reading for awhile... not because I wanted to, but life got busy.  Even though things are still somewhat hectic, I find that reading for an hour before going to sleep is so relaxing.

I've become very fond of reading mysteries this past year.  I was drawn to the synopsis to a book by Lisa Unger, Fragile.  Something about a small town with a mystery from the past that brings back memories when a similar incident occurs made me want to pick this book up and read it.

The people in this town grew up there and some tried to leave, but ended up coming back later for different reasons.

The story is told from many different viewpoints, which was a little confusing at the start of some chapters.  Once you got to know the characters, it was an easy transition.

I found myself wanting to continue reading past my usual stopping time each night as the I got further into the book.  While there was some foreshadowing into what was going to happen and who was involved, you were still left questioning what your instinct would normally lead you to believe... which, made this book one I wanted to get back to each evening.

The story was suspenseful and each character was well thought out and had multiple layers that were explored... and often explained why they did what they did (or didn't do).

I think one of the things that got me caught up in the book was that it was about a girl who was abducted.  Those type of stories always get my attention.  I remember as a teenager thinking that nothing was ever going to happen, but My Mom had put enough "fear" in me that I always checked the backseat of my car before getting in and tried to be aware of my surroundings at all times.  This story was not the type of abduction that was a surprise, but rather a girl who got into a car with someone she knew - although not that well.

The other side of the story was related to a girl who had died many years before and each person in the story was inter-connected, even though they did not know it at the time or until the end of the book.  Makes you remember that each decision you make does drive how your own future turns out.

I'd recommend this book as a good one for an escape and to dive into a mystery that really could happen in a small town... we know that these things happen in bigger cities, but in a small town where literally everyone knows everyone else... it's just that much more intriguing (at least to me!).

What have you read lately?  I'm always looking for something new to add to my reading list!

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