September 4, 2012

Restaurant Review: Abeulo's - Peoria, AZ

When we travel to Phoenix, one of the things we always make a point to do is eat Mexican food.  While we have some Tex-Mex style restaurants here in New Jersey... they really don't feed the craving like when we go to places outside of our area. 

Of course, this can lead to over-doing it since we want to get our fill of it in before we leave.  This last trip, we actually went to the same place a couple of times.  It was a chain restaurant out there, but our experience was so good... we wanted to go back for another meal there.

During both visits to Abuelo's, we had very attentive service and everything came out as described either in the menu or by the knowledgeable and helpful servers.

After having our first server mention an appetizer that they serve flaming, we made sure to order it when we returned... the Queso Flameado Supremo.


You can kind of see the flames on it in the picture.  A fun way to be served and it was a cheesey delight.  Served with warmed flour tortillas, there wasn't a speck of it left when they cleared it from the table. 

We also ordered their Traditinal Nachos.

Abuelos-Traditional Nachos
What we really loved about the way they prepare the nachos is that they use taco shell halves for the chips.  They are spread out on the plate and each one is thoroughly covered in the toppings.  Nothing got soggy and there weren't any nachos that didn't have any of the toppings on them.

The Mexican Shrimp Cocktail is so pretty!  I love the way it is served in a martini glass.  I didn't try this one, but I heard it packed quite a punch as far as spice was concerned.  Not a problem for those who ordered it, but be warned if spice is not something you are looking for in this dish.

Everyone was really pleased with their main dishes.  I'm only going to share a couple of them here as this post would go on forever if I had taken photos and described everything our party of 8 enjoyed that night!

My Husband ordered The Grande which was a pretty all-encompassing combination platter.

As you can see the servings are very generous, and the prices were reasonable.

I'm a big enchilada fan, so I opted to order a platter with 2 different enchiladas so I could sample different flavors.

One of the enchiladas was a Chicken with Ranchera Sauce.  I enjoyed this one and it had a little "kick" to it, but not so much that if you don't like spice that you'd be turned off by it.  The other enchilada I ordered was the Avocado with Cream sauce... and wow.... this was incredible!  So creamy and there really aren't words to describe how much I enjoyed this one. 

The options given with these platters were rice and beans or mashed potatoes with poblano chiles.  I was a bit hesitant to order the potatoes until the server said that they are her most favorite thing in the world.  Not spicy - in spite of the chiles - and so creamy... she was right!  I am intrigued by them and may have to play around with creating my own version at home.  They were that good!

If you are lucky enough to live near an Abuelo's or happen to travel to where one is located... I would make it a point to dine there.  We had 2 very good experiences there... the services was attentive and the food was consistently delicious. 

16092 North Arrowhead Fountains Center Dr.
Peoria, AZ 85382

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