May 22, 2012

The Counter in NYC (Restaurant Review)

A few weeks ago, we decided that the weather was too nice to stay at home so a trip into NYC was quickly planned.  For us planning a day in the city usually means, heading in before most people wake up on a Sunday morning so we can get primo parking... which on this particular day meant a reasonable walk from Times Square and FREE on street parking!  If only for that reason, we usually head in on a Sunday.

The morning was spent at the Toys R Us in Times Square and waiting in line at TKTS to get tickets to see a show.  Our plan of attack when it comes to the discount tickets is to have a few shows in mind so that if we can't get seats together at one, we go to the next one on our list.  This time, we ended up at Spiderman - Turn off the Dark

It was a good show, but I have to say that if you already know the basic story of how Spiderman came to be... the first half is kind of boring, especially for the younger set.  The sight of Spidey flying through the air toward the end of the first and the second act was fabulous, even though My Boys kept saying that it was obvious you could see the wires (they weren't exactly trying to hide them, so... yeah, you couldn't miss them).  Overall, we enjoyed the show and the music was unmistakably written by Bono and The Edge. 

Since the show was a matinee, we still had lunch to figure out... and in a city that has more dining options than there are days in a lifetime, it can be really hard to choose.  We looked into a few places as we walked around and almost settled for a buffet at a little grocery, but it was just not interesting enough to commit to eating there... as we went back out to continue our search, a place across the street caught my eye...


The Counter - Custom Built Burgers... well, that sounded fun and they weren't busy just yet, so in we went.  They give you a paper to "build" a burger to suit your personal taste, or you can order from the menu... the choices were a bit overwhelming and we were all starving, so we went with some options from the menu.

We started with the "Fifty/Fifty" which is a combination of fries and crispy onion strings.  We LOVED it, and the onion sgrings didn't last long.  It was served with a barbeque sauce that I really enjoyed - sweet, with just a bit of kick - and I managed to snag a small container of it when I asked the waiter if they sold it (they don't, and they make it in-house).  There was also Ranch dressing to dip in as well.


The kids ended up ordering the mini burgers and fries, which were typical burgers with a slice of cheese melted on top.  They devoured them, and we had to ask for another "Fifty/Fifty" to make sure they had happy bellies.

I chose the Grilled Chicken, which would normally seem kind of boring, but that's not the case at The Counter!  It had melted Gruyere cheese, mixed organic greens, scallions, tomatoes and honey mustard... the flavor combination was unbelievable - I had to really consciously make myself stop eating so I wouldn't go overboard.  Definitely worth every calorie!

My Husband had the Stacked BLT, which had nicely toasted bread - very important so that the tomatoes don't make it all soggy.  The bacon was nicely crisped-up and even though it was "stacked" it wasn't so big you couldn't get a bite of it.


Overall, a very good experience and a place I'd happily revisit next time we spend a day in the city!  They have locations in many states, and if one is near you I'd head over there for lunch soon! 

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