August 1, 2011

Review: Bum Rogers Tavern, Totally Worth the Trip!

When we head down to the shore, we go a little farther than many of our Northern NJ friends.  Our favorite beach is Island Beach State Park.  For just $10 per carload, you have beautiful beaches and it's typically filled with lots of other families.  None of those Jersey Shore crazies there!  It's a little bit farther South and right next to Seaside Park.  If you don't make it there early enough on a perfect beach day to enjoy Island Beach State Park (because the state park will close once all the parking spots are filled), take a drive over to Seaside Park's beach and you will be able to enjoy a similar atmosphere.


Since our nephew was visiting from Arizona AND it was his birthday, he chose to go to Bum Rogers Tavern for dinner Friday night.  Gotta love a kid who knows how to truly enjoy seafood!  Of course, after seeing how all 3 boys dug into the calamari and the drunken clams, it seems we have some definite seafood lovers in this family!

My Husband's family has been going to Bum's since he was a kid.  The big draw here are the Garlic Crabs!


If you dine in, you get a nice pile of Garlic Crabs to dig into... but, if you can't stay, order a tin to take home and enjoy!  We have done that a few times after coming off the beach.  It's a fun food for the kids to pull apart.  Both of Our Boys are really good at getting all the meat out of them.  Just look at that garlic sauce those crabs are sitting in - you'll be licking your fingers the entire time you are digging into those crabs!

While Bum's is well-known for their fresh Garlic Crabs, they do have a full menu of other seafood offerings.  And, for those who aren't in the mood for fresh seafood, it does also include some pasta and burgers to satisfy just about everyone who might be dining with you.

I had the Fried Jumbo Shrimp and Scallops and it was prepared perfectly!  The scallops really melted in your mouth the moment you bit into them.  My mouth is watering thinking about them as I write this post.

We enjoyed our meal so much, that we decided to go back the next day after our time on the beach.  It was kind of a late lunch/ early dinner for us.  This time we ordered a few other menu items - softshell crab was a huge hit with everyone who tried it.


Knowing how generous their portions are, I opted for the Fried Flounder Sandwich.  I knew the platter would be more food than I could finish, and I was so right when I saw the platter being serve to another customer!


The atmosphere is casual and perfect for the shore.  You can come in right off the beach or come in the evening in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt... either way you are dressed just right.  If you have a party of 6 or more, they will take a reservation, but for less than that you may have to wait a few minutes for a table.  That's ok though, because they have a huge bar where you can enjoy a beer and even order some appy's before you are seated.  It's all good because when you are at the shore, you don't mind waiting for really amazing, fresh seafood.  Oh, and I can't forget to mention those French fries!  Some of the best I've had - nice outside crunch with a bits of extra crunchies on them.  It was seriously hard to stop eating them!

Like I said, it is totally worth the trip - the portions are generous and prepared perfectly!  If you go, you must try the Garlic Crabs... and I'd definitely say the fried scallops are worth sampling... oh, and the fried flounder is mild, with a wonderful crunch.... and the drunken clams... and the calamari.... I could go on and on and on... but, rather than do that, I'm going to tell you to go check it out for yourself!

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Joanne said...

Your boys are such good seafood eaters! Way better than I was when I was a kid.

Maria said...

Wow, look at all of that food! Glad you had a nice time!

Cate O'Malley said...

You are totally making my mouth water. Looking for a seafood place to hit during next weekend's annual girls trip. We might have found our spot. Even with the obvious misspelling of the word garlic. ;)

Deborah said...

Those garlic crabs have my mouth watering!! Delicious!

Shelby said...

Oh Grumpy would LOVE to go here :) We are talking about our next impromtu trip being in your direction this time! Maybe we will have to make sure to go to Bum Rogers Tavern!

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