February 7, 2011

Eat.Live.Be. - Keeping Things Fresh

 This week, we are all checking in to share our progress since starting the Eat.Live.Be. challenge.  I got of to a fabulous start, but the last week or so has been kind of hard to stick to my exercise routine.  Not sure if the cold and snow has just gotten to me at this point or what.  I also didn't lose as much as I would have liked during the past 4 weeks.  I am at a net loss of 3 pounds.  Not awful because the scale is going in the right direction, but I would have preferred to see a bigger downward trend.

That being said, I think I need to shake things up a bit to ensure I keep things going in the right direction.  This leads to our topic for the week - Rut Rescue 101. Here are things I'm going to do to get out of the rut that is the likely cause for my lack of exercise the last week.

  1. Change up the music on my running playlist.  I love heart-pumping music, but after awhile the same songs can feel "stale" which can make getting my run in less enticing. Anyone want to share their favorite workout tunes?
  2. Alternating my cardio workouts.  I've been focusing primarily on running, but I think it's time to add something else into the mix - walking at a steep incline or even the rowing machine (which would have the added benefit of also working my arms!). 
  3. Food... that's a tough one for me this time of year.  In the warmer months I enjoy adding salads to my meals which can help fill me up on healthy vegetables.   So, I am going to do some searching for ways to use seasonal produce to keep my veggie intake higher than it has been the last week or so.
 What do you do the bust out of a healthy "rut"?  Habits are great, but when the healthy activity becomes boring, it's time to find a way to make it interesting again.

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Next week is "Straight from the Experts".  We'll all be sharing our favorite tips from experts from various sources.

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Joanne said...

You and I definitely think the same way when it comes to ruts...changing up the music AND the workout is key! Great tips.

Rivki Locker said...

Great strategies! I am a big believer in splurging on good fruits and veggies even though they are more expensive I the winter. They are still way less expensive than meats and it makes a big difference to me. If I have interesting fresh produce , I eat more of it!

Sarah Caron said...

I was just thinking about how I need to change my playlist. I love my old one, but it's just getting old now. Time to go download some new tunes.

Allison said...

Three pounds is great! Take them and keep up all of the positive changes. You are going in the right direction!

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