March 7, 2010

Pizza for Lunch with a little help from Mezzetta

When we got back from our vacation, our neighbor's told us that a couple of boxes had been delivered.  One I was expecting and will share about the contents of that one later... but, the one from Mezzetta was a surprise.  A pleasant surprise at that.  In it was one bottle each of marinated artichokes, roasted red bell peppers and their pesto which uses Napa Wine in it. 

The PR folks who sent them to me suggested that they might be used to make some munchies to eat while watching the Oscars tonight.  Now, I don't have Cablevision so I actually CAN watch them tonight, but there are many folks in my area who will be missing all of their favorite shows on ABC until yet another fight between Cablevision and a network can be worked out.  Just one more reason we are no longer with that cable company. 

So, rather than say what I created is in honor of the Oscars, which I do try to watch (I love the red carpet pre-show and try to see the opening number as well), I'll suggest making pizza using these fabulous ingredients just for the fun of it!

So, yesterday I was actually feeling a bit productive for a Saturday and put together the Olive Oil Pizza Dough from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.  Such a simple dough to put together and you can just pull off the amount you need.  It has so many purposes and I hope to make some calzones from it later in the week. 

Today, we made several "personal" pizzas to fit everyone's favorites.  My Boys each had a regular sauce & cheese pizza, then a total cheesey pizza with no sauce.  My Husband worked hard on trying to get the thin crust that we love, but this dough does puff up a bit and it was hard to get it thin enough before baking.  Anyone have a favorite thin crust dough that they make at home?  Please do share in comments as we'd love to try it!

Now, my pizza is where things got a little different than the "usual".  I started by sprading a thin layer of the Mezzetta pesto over the dough, then I chopped up a few of the marinated artichokes and roasted red peppers.  Did I mention that each on of these ingredients is a favorite of mine already?  Really made sharing them with you so easy!

I loved this pizza!  So much more flavorful than the typical plain cheese pie that we order from the local pizzeria.  And, another bonus is that we all had fun stretching the dough and playing in flour together today.  So, lunch was fun and a great family activity. 

I have enjoyed Mezzetta products since I was first introduced to them well over a year ago.  So, I'm always thrilled when they send me new products to sample.  I do turn away quite a few products so, you can be rest assured that what I do choose to share here is something I enjoy and would by for my family.

Disclosure:  The link to the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day will take you directly to Amazon where you will find more information on the book and have the option to purchase.  If you choose to purchase the book, I will receive a small referral fee.  As noted above, I received the products from Mezzetta in exchange for a review, and I will always share my honest opinion of any products I choose to discuss here on Family, Friends and Food.

Please note that all photos and content belong to Patsy Kreitman, unless otherwise noted. If you want to use something please ask first.
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Jersey Girl Cooks said...

Mmmnn! Marinated veggies on pizza is the best.

Aggie said...

That's my kind of pizza! I love those types of products...I'll look for Mezzetta in the store!

Meghan said...

I wanted to let you know that I got the Bonefish Grill g/c.

Thank so much!!!

I am anticipating having a "date" night with my husband.

girl Japan said...

Oh.. p.s. it took me some time but I just added your link to my site = )

Girl Japan said...

First, welcome back from Vay Cay, that is an insane pizza, I mean, it looks freakn' fabulous.

Shelby said...

This not only looks great but sounds great! I love these types of pizza!

Sarah Caron said...

Oh YUM! That pizza looks delish. I love all those ingredients too. What a nice surprise.

Cate O'Malley said...

I'll bet the pizza was packed with flavor with those toppings - sounds and looks delicious!

Jamie said...

Great looking pizza. Mezzetta does make very good products. If you can ever figure out how to make thin pizza crust at home, let me know too. I have a hard time getting pizza dough thin the way we like it.

Vladimir said...

nice idea, I like home made pizza too :)

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