October 1, 2009

POMx Tea Review & Giveaway Winner

A few weeks ago, a package arrived from the folks at POM that had a couple of bottles of their new POMx teas in it. When I was asked if I would like to sample them I said yes because sometimes I like something a bit different from water and these teas are not too high in caffeine. They also boast that they are Anti-Oxident Super Teas which is derived from the pomegranate juice that is blended into the teas.

I had the pleasure of sampling 3 different flavors: Lychee Green Tea, Peach Passion and Blackberry. The Lychee Green Tea had a light, refreshing flavor to it, and having never tried lychee before I imagine that the flavor of it must be quite mild. The Peach Passion Tea was my least favorite as I just don't care for passion fruit and the flavor was much stronger than I would have liked. My favorite was the Blackberry as it was fruity and not overly sweet. A really nice change of pace for those days when you want something more than water.

You can find these tasty teas in the produce section of your grocery store for about $2.99 a bottle. The bottles are plastic and are 100% recyclable! They are doing their part to help the environment, so when you finish your tea, be sure to recycle the bottle!

Now for the Beef. It's What's for Dinner. Gift Bag....

Comment #4: Tiff! Who said "I love to make Beef Stroganoff! The cooler weather makes it a perfect time to bring this recipe out!" I haven't had Beef Stroganoff in ages... such perfect comfort food for these cool evenings! Congratulations! Be sure to send me your mailing information so you can receive your fabulous gift bag at pkfamilyfriendsandfood (at) gmail (dot) com

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Robin Sue said...

My fav was the blackberry! It is wonderful tea isn't it?

Kristen said...

I heart POM teas! My favorite is the plain Pom Black tea, no other fruit besides the pomegranate. It looks like you didn't get that one. You should try it.

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