July 14, 2008

The Key Ingredient

Not too long ago, Sophie from The Key Ingredient sent me an email asking if they could feature a recipe that I had mentioned on my blog back in early June. I visited their site and discovered a whole new source of recipes and food bloggers to check out!

I can't even take full credit for the recipe that they selected since it was my friend, Anya, who made it! The Grilled Zucchini Roll-ups with Goat Cheese was a recipe she found on-line at Health Magazine. They truly are wonderful and the creaminess of the cheese with the basil and grilled summer zucchini are a match made in appetizer heaven!

I'll be posting a new banana bread recipe soon, and I have a few other things "cooking" in the kitchen this week.


That Girl said...

I was contacted by them a while back to - just be careful because their agreement gives them the rights to do whatever they want with your recipe and pictures.

Patsyk said...

Thanks for the "heads up" on that. I'll watch things closely with them.

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